CLIC The location

Heart of the AMA

CLIC is located in the Lijndenhof business park in Badhoevedorp, within the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer. It’s a unique location with over 120,000 m² of commercial space and all imaginable facilities, right in the heart of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA). The site is located alongside the recently rerouted A9 motorway, behind which you can see the runways of Schiphol International Airport.

CLIC is connected

From CLIC you can easily and quickly access Schiphol (6 min) and Amsterdam (10 km), and Amstelveen, Hoofddorp and Haarlem are also not far away. The campus itself is situated on the Connected Transport Corridor (CTC) Amsterdam West side. The Connected Transport Corridors form a national co-operative framework aimed at making goods transport safer, more sustainable, and more efficient by scaling up intelligent mobility solutions.


  • By car

    CLIC is accessed via exit 7 off the A9 motorway, and the campus itself is visible from the motorway. The S106 provincial road provides a direct link between the campus and the city centre of Amsterdam. The eastern as well as western side of the campus has its own access road with direct ramps to the loading docks.

  • By public transport

    The Badhoevedorp West bus stop is located in the south-eastern corner of the campus. Here you can get on the 356R express bus that takes you to the Schiphol North junction, only a few kilometres further, from where you can change over to many other forms of transport elsewhere.

  • By bicycle

    Of course the campus is also very accessible by bicycle. CLIC can be accessed via the regional and local bicycle route network, with bicycle paths leading to Badhoevedorp, Amsterdam West, Haarlem and Hoofddorp. The bicycle routes even pass through the campus in part.

  • By plane or boat

    Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Harbour are less than 10 minutes away by road. Flying in goods, employees, or visitors is therefore quite simple. After leaving the plane, they can be at your site in almost no time at all.

  • The AMA is the ideal testing ground for developing the sustainable urban logistics solutions of the future.

    And if the solutions work in the AMA, they will also work in Eindhoven, Brussels or London...

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is the partnership between the provinces of North Holland and Flevoland, 32 municipalities, and the Amsterdam Transport Region. Each municipality and subregion brings qualities with it that strengthen the overall partnership. The strength of the AMA lies in its diversity in terms of economic, urban, and landscape elements. The metropolitan region is quite varied and extends from IJmuiden to Lelystad and from Beemster to Haarlemmermeer. The region contains two airports, marine harbours, the financial centre of the Netherlands, the Aalsmeer flower auction, Media Valley, and clusters of innovative and creative companies. The AMA is one of the top five strongest economic regions in Europe. At the regional level, municipal councillors work for their subregion within the three substantive AMA platforms - Economy, Spatial Planning, and Mobility - on implementing the AMA Agenda. Implementation depends on tackling the issues at the level of the subregions in coordination with the overall goals at the level of the AMA.


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