CLIC Frequently Asked Questions

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What goes on at CLIC?

CLIC is the place where companies, young talent, and policymakers come together to shape the future of urban logistics. The CLIC campus is where people brainstorm together, come up with new ideas, and then develop and test them. CLIC makes logistics hubs, commercial spaces, office units, and extensive shared services available. The activities at CLIC are not limited only to thinking up and developing new solutions. It also serves as a transit hub for shipping goods from and to cities such as Haarlemmermeer, Amstelveen, Haarlem and Amsterdam. People who do not work permanently at CLIC can also visit the campus for work, sports, or food and drinks.

Which companies are based at CLIC?

CLIC is where companies from a wide variety of sectors will be working together and collaborating on the future of urban logistics. The ability of such a diverse range of companies, knowledge institutions, and government entities to leverage each other’s strengths and focus on a shared vision of innovative urban logistics is what makes CLIC so special.

Is it possible to visit CLIC?

At present, the CLIC building site is still in its initial stages, but everyone is more than welcome to visit the campus as soon as the building activities have been completed. CLIC will then be accessible from various sides. From the express bus stop on the Schipholweg, you can easily walk onto the campus site itself. If you come by car, just take the S106 exit from the A9 motorway. CLIC can also be reached via the regional and local bicycle and walking routes.

I would like to set up a base for my company at CLIC. Is that possible?

As a company, you can express your interest in setting up a base at CLIC by sending an email to The amount of space is limited and the level of enthusiasm is high. CLIC aims to create an innovative ecosystem in which all the parties involved complement and strengthen each other. Your company should therefore be involved at some place in the entire chain of urban logistics. And of course you must also have the ambition to help shape the future of urban logistics (together).

I am a journalist and have questions about CLIC. How can I contact the organisation?

For submitting requests, we welcome journalists to visit the press page. There you can find the appropriate details for contacting CLIC. The press page is intended only for members of the press.

Who is behind CLIC?

CLIC is an initiative of Somerset Capital Partners and Bohemen.

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