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CLIC is about leveraging each other’s strengths, about adding up to more than the sum of the parts. Together you can do more, especially if you have the same goal and all the more so if you complement each other in terms of knowledge, experience, and possibilities.


CLIC is about leveraging each other’s strengths, about adding up to more than the sum of the parts. Together you can do more, especially if you have the same goal and all the more so if you complement each other in terms of knowledge, experience, and possibilities. You can accomplish more if you are willing to share with others and are open enough to learn from others. This is the key to the CLIC ecosystem. In a successful ecosystem, each player can focus on his or her core strength. At CLIC, the players have the opportunity to define and develop the projects that will have the greatest impact.

Being able to innovate in key areas demands a wide range of knowledge, experience, and data. CLIC’s strength lies in its ability to facilitate, to provide the best possible hubs, offices, and commercial spaces, and to ensure that the necessary facilities and services are always available. In the ever-changing world of innovation, this requires a high degree of flexibility and focus. The goal of course remains the same: ensuring that the companies choosing the CLIC campus as a base can focus on developing the sustainable urban logistic solutions of the future. Read further to find out more about the benefits offered by CLIC.

Shared services
CLIC is about sharing. This also means providing shared services in order to lower everyone’s individual cost base. A large range of shared services is available including ICT infrastructure, security, cleaning, reception desks, and maintenance, all of which are customised to meet the specific needs of the users. Additional specialised services are also possible, such as a shared fleet of electric vehicles, a cross-dock platform as a service, or a pool of flexible employees. If there is a need for it, CLIC will make it happen. Just tell us. CLIC is listening.
CLIC listens and makes changes in response to needs and feedback
Motion starts with stopping in order to load up
Smart energy grid
Effective loading facilities are essential for electric transport. CLIC has its own sustainable smart grid based on solar panels that generate electricity and distribute it optimally over the fleet of electric vehicles. The smart grid optimally balances supply and demand as well as peaks and lows, while at the same time providing a flexible charging service 24/7. And if the demand for electricity exceeds what the solar panels can generate, additional green electricity is purchased. The in-house generation of electricity and optimum distribution network result in lower costs and greater flexibility. Your vehicle is parked safely at night while being charged and, if desired, also stocked and loaded.
Testing ground
CLIC is located in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) in the Lijndenhof business park. It’s a unique location with over 120,000 m² of logistics hubs, commercial units, offices, and all relevant facilities. The A9 motorway connects it to the surrounding region, and Schiphol International Airport connects it to the rest of the world. What makes this location so unique is that it is situated in the ideal testing ground for innovative urban logistics - a major global metropolis with a wide range of cultures and nationalities. The region is also a leader in terms of zero emission regulations and boasts several leading knowledge institutions in the direct vicinity. It’s large enough to facilitate innovation but small enough to make it easy to connect with each other. At CLIC, you invent it, try it out, and roll it out, before implementing it on a larger scale elsewhere. If it works in the AMA, then it also works in Eindhoven, London, New York or Tokyo. At CLIC, you get connected.
At CLIC you get connected
CLIC inspires and breathes
A great place to be
On the campus, it’s easy to meet each other. You come across each other during lunch, outside on the central square or the green areas, or in one of the conference rooms provided by CLIC. At CLIC everything is possible, from small-scale meetings to international seminars or informal gatherings over a round of drinks. The campus management keeps you updated on what’s going on, and helps you connect with whoever you may be looking for at the moment. You can share experiences and insights with others during events organised by CLIC. You can meet with students or young start-ups and come up with solutions that you had not yet thought of yourself. Or you can welcome the right professionals and pamper them in one of CLIC’s restaurants or cafés. CLIC facilitates and inspires. The innovators at CLIC work towards bringing urban logistics to the next level. CLIC is a great place to be.
An important goal of CLIC is to achieve an integrated high-quality level of sustainability. Global certification standards, such as BREEAM and WELL, will serve as reference points in this regard. These standards measure sustainability based on a broad range of factors including management, health, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, land use, ecology, and waste processing. This goal is in line with the basic policies of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer where CLIC is based.
Sustainability starts at the source, in this case on campus.
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