Logistics hubs

The logistics hubs are located on the interior of the grounds and are always easily accessible via the access roads. The design includes representative offices on both ends alongside a green border. Additional office space is also available in the hubs themselves. The hubs have a modular design consisting of a variety of units. As the units themselves can be combined in different ways, a very wide range of needs can be satisfied.


  • Units have a floor area varying from 500 to 2000 square metres, with ceiling clearances of up to 15 m (clearance in hallway = 13.7 m)
  • Units can be combined to meet individual needs and wishes for optimum effectiveness
  • Dock doors in the unit
  • Commercial space in the hub and/or a representative adjacent office, with business partners in adjoining office if desired
  • Excellent accessibility

Special CLIC services

  • Reception desk
  • Security staff with access control and CCTV
  • Cross-docking platforms as a service
  • High-quality ICT network and broadband network
  • Additional parking and loading services for electrical vehicles
  • Central meeting places
  • Extensive business networks
  • Flexible rental conditions: easy in, easy out
  • technical maintenance on all buildings
  • Waste disposal/processing

Technical specifications

  • BREAAM certification with excellent noise barriers
  • 42 dock shelters/levellers
  • Fully equipped sprinkler protection in compliance with FM standard
  • Sophisticated security system
  • Concrete plinth
  • Flexible workspaces with added value on intermediate floor, above forwarding area
  • Excellent parking facilities for cars and lorries
  • Heavy load-bearing floors
  • Free working height per storage space of 12.2 m on average
  • Average free working height on intermediate floor of approximately 5.7 m
  • Distance between pillars 22.8 x 12.0 m (exact dimensions subject to optimisations)
  • Certified floor flatness (finish subject to optimisations)
  • The outdoor areas at CLIC are tiled, including water drains
  • The grounds are enclosed and fitted with gates and fencing
  • Intelligent LED lighting system
  • Solar panels
  • Charging stations available
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